24 November 2008

Weirdest Grocery Order Ever

Before anyone asks, yes, I am still alive, just monumentally busy with final projects. It's my last semester, so everything comes down to this. In a few weeks, I'll be done and back to regular blogging, emailing, and posting of comics (ooh, and I have a new comic I'll be unveiling).

In the meantime, here's what I just brought home from the grocery store:
  • President's Choice "Green" toilet paper
  • pickled sweet onions
  • tangy dill mini pickles
  • canned bean sprouts
  • canned giant escargot
  • spicy pepper and herb olive oil (with a big giant pepper in the bottle)
  • sundried tomatoes in olive oil
  • canned sour cherries
  • canned asparagus tips
  • canned peach halves
  • small decorative glass jar
  • frozen mussels in shell
  • frozen raw shrimp (unpeeled)
  • frozen chicken giblets and hearts
  • frozen smoked kippers
  • frozen whole squid
  • fresh mackerel fillets
  • fresh beef kidney
This is definitely the weirdest assortment of things I've brought home, and anyone who knows me much at all knows I have a habit of bringing home weird things. But it's all in the name of science. Or art. Or something.

I promise I'll post again and explain it all. Except the toilet paper. I think you can figure that one out yourselves.