20 September 2009

Latest Writing: Flying, Books, Words

19 September 2009

Best Promo Video Ever

What a great way to promote your work this is. (I have one of his rings. It fell behind my desk and I'm going to have to move the whole desk to get at it. Grrr.) I could totally see Dr Shallowgrave in something along those lines, though I'm not sure how I'd work my art/craft into it . . .

04 September 2009

Recent Writing

It looks like I got a bit behind with my writing updates. So here's what I've been up to for the past few weeks:

  • Leaf by Leaf: Hi, I'm Niko, and I'm a Bibliophile (HandmadeNews.org)

    This is the introductory article for my new column at Handmade News. In which I introduce myself and the column. Not much else to say about that. (Books and photo by Niko Silvester.)

  • Leaf by Leaf: Getting Started With Bookbinding (HandmadeNews.org)

    The second installment of my column addresses the difficulties for people wanting to start making books, when there aren't many resources around. I provide a few links to get people started, and suggest a simple pamphlet binding to start off with. (Pamphlets and photo by Hannah on ArtFire.)

  • Leaf by Leaf: It Starts With the Paper (HandmadeNews.org)

    This is the third article in my regular weekly column on books and paper. As you probably figured out from the title, it's about paper--how wonderfully inspiring it can be, how easy it is to buy too much just because it's nice, and how to choose paper for a project. (Handmade paper and photograph by paintingpam on ArtFire.)

  • Glorious Gemstones Word Find (HandmadeNews.org)

    This time, the word find was inspired by my rockhounding trip to Scots Bay (which you can read about in the archives. I included all the names of gemstones I could think of, and naturally thought of a whole bunch more really good ones after the puzzle was finished and submitted. I also made a quick little graphic to use with every word find. As you can see, it's not the height of design, but it'll serve its purpose until I can make or find something better.

  • Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II Review (About PSP)

    Niko tackles flying games. And despite the mediocrity of this game, I think I miht be hooked. Flying is fun! (Alas, no image for this one--I didn't even have screenshots to post with the review.)

I'm also working on some articles for Suite 101, but I'm trying to do a set of related articles and post them together. I really need to get going on that, though, as I'm several weeks behind.

03 September 2009

Bookbinding Etsy Street Team Back to School Sale

Woo! One of the Etsy Teams I belong to is BEST: the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team, and this week--Sept 1 to 7--we're having a sale. I'm offering free worldwide shipping, plus if you buy two or more items, you get a free Dawson Printshop wood type letterpress calendar.

Here are all the shops participating in the sale:

I wish I had a bit of extra cash so I could buy a few things myself. There are a couple of books I've had my eye on, and a few I just discovered.