21 April 2009

What I'm Up To

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06 April 2009

Made It

I hope I'm not getting in the habit of being not-quite-but-almost late with comics updates. Of course, I should have built up a bigger reserve of pages while I had the chance. Anyway. Pages 16 and 17 of The Fabulous Forays of Aeryn Daring are now up. You get to see Aeryn in a dress.

Oh, and there are vote incentives now!
Vote for Aeryn and see one of the earliest sketches I did of her.
Vote for Fey and glimpse one of the denizens of Faery.
(And yes, you can vote for both.)

04 April 2009

Not Quite Late

I almost forgot that Fey ran out of new pages last week. Oops!

Anyway, page 11 is now up.

01 April 2009

This is Not an April Fool

Hmm. That title sounds rather more serious than I thought it would. Oh well.

The voting for TopWebComics has reset for a new month. I think last month Fey was in the 500s and Aeryn Daring was in the 700s. That's not too dismal, really, but means they probably didn't find any new readers via TopWebComics. Anyway, the point of this post is to say you can vote again. Also, I didn't point out last time that you can actually vote for as many different comics as you like, once per day. So you could vote for both Fey and Aeryn every day, plus any other comics you like. If that makes any sense.

Anyway, I have to go get ready to make some books. Need breakfast. And tea.

Vote for The Fabulous Forays of Aeryn Daring.

Vote for Fey.

This time, I'll put up some cool incentives (but they're not up yet; I'll post here whent hey are).