25 December 2005

And a Merry Xmas it Was!

Or still is, really.

And boy, did I get some great prezzies this year! Let's see . . .

  • some really gorgeous Asian plates and sauce dishes from Mum--perfect for a sushi feast
  • a nice, fat Futureshop gift card from Dad and Cat
  • fancy chopsticks and chopstick rests from Santa
  • a book on the languages of Middle Earth from Sue
  • a big stuffed Vitalstatistix (from Asterix) from Sue
  • Star Wars Episode 3 on dvd from Ryan and Selena (now I just need eps 1 & 2)
  • money from Gramma Staniforth
  • a whole bunch of candles, candle holders, soap, fragrance sachets, choclolate and other stockingish goodies
  • a book on pirates from Deva
  • a Tanith Lee novel (also with pirates) from Deva
  • Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku PS2 game from Ryan
  • a box of sewing and crafty treasure (like silk thread, bits of antique fabric, glass beads and other beautiful things) from Judy
  • scratch and win tickets from Randy
  • lots of chocolate, girly bath things, a piratey treasure chest, and other cool stockingy goodies

I might have missed some, but I think that's most of it. Now I am full of yummy turkey dinner and ready to settle down and read for a while. Aaaah.

Tomorrow there may be boxing day shopping. There may also be The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie (finally saw the latest Harry Potter last weekend). Yup. It's a good holiday, even if I am away from home.

24 December 2005

Tis the Night Before Christmas

Or the day, anyway.

And if you haven't seen the Lord of the Rings MTV Acceptance Speech yet, go watch it right now. (You'll need Quicktime, which you should have if you're using a Mac; if not, you can download it here for Windows.)

21 December 2005

Happy Solstice!

Yep, it's that time of year again. The winter solstice. Hope everyone has a great holiday.

(I will be blogging more, once the holiday rush is over.)

17 December 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

You know the song . . .

Have a great day!

15 December 2005

Looking Ahead

So, if anyone wants to start birthday shopping early (really early), I'd rather like this book (purty please).

13 December 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy birthday to you . . .

I can't do the rest because it would be copyright infrigement, but you get the idea. Have a great day!

11 December 2005

What Naruto Guy is For You?

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What Naruto Guy is For You?

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