24 December 2005

Tis the Night Before Christmas

Or the day, anyway.

And if you haven't seen the Lord of the Rings MTV Acceptance Speech yet, go watch it right now. (You'll need Quicktime, which you should have if you're using a Mac; if not, you can download it here for Windows.)


Sue said...

OMG! That was entirely too funny! I'll be laughing all the way to work.

Rowena said...

LOL! Where the heck did you find that? What did he call Peter Jackson? I couldn't really hear it, but it got a big laugh.

Niko said...

I actually saw it when it was on tv (though I could have sworn it was during the Academy Awards). I was reminded of it during a converation the other week.

Not sure what he says to PJ (I'll have to watch it again once I get proper speakers on my machine)--"you fat --" something or other, I think.

"Dobby likes us . . ."