25 December 2005

And a Merry Xmas it Was!

Or still is, really.

And boy, did I get some great prezzies this year! Let's see . . .

  • some really gorgeous Asian plates and sauce dishes from Mum--perfect for a sushi feast
  • a nice, fat Futureshop gift card from Dad and Cat
  • fancy chopsticks and chopstick rests from Santa
  • a book on the languages of Middle Earth from Sue
  • a big stuffed Vitalstatistix (from Asterix) from Sue
  • Star Wars Episode 3 on dvd from Ryan and Selena (now I just need eps 1 & 2)
  • money from Gramma Staniforth
  • a whole bunch of candles, candle holders, soap, fragrance sachets, choclolate and other stockingish goodies
  • a book on pirates from Deva
  • a Tanith Lee novel (also with pirates) from Deva
  • Samurai Jack: The Shadow of Aku PS2 game from Ryan
  • a box of sewing and crafty treasure (like silk thread, bits of antique fabric, glass beads and other beautiful things) from Judy
  • scratch and win tickets from Randy
  • lots of chocolate, girly bath things, a piratey treasure chest, and other cool stockingy goodies

I might have missed some, but I think that's most of it. Now I am full of yummy turkey dinner and ready to settle down and read for a while. Aaaah.

Tomorrow there may be boxing day shopping. There may also be The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe movie (finally saw the latest Harry Potter last weekend). Yup. It's a good holiday, even if I am away from home.


Rowena said...

Hey Niko,

Sorry I didn't get my sh*t together to send you something. I promise to get you something in Feb (after ze thesis is done), or to send you something amazing from New Zealand.


Niko said...

Eh, don't worry about it. I think I missed your last birthday.

Sue said...

I hope you didn't already have that book.

Niko said...

Nope ;)