19 August 2006


What does Niko say when a Jesus boy asks her if she wants a Bible tract? Why, she politely says, "No, thank you."

And what does Niko say when said Jesus boy then asks, "If you die tonight, will you go to heaven?" Why, she says, "I'm not going anywhere."

And then turns around and yells after him, "I'll just be dead!"

13 August 2006

Art for Sale!

Yes, finally some things I can sell! Buy a coelacanth print, and get a coelacanth card free! Pics and info here.

I'm going to have some photos for sale soon, too.

08 August 2006

Punctuation Matters

Just ask Rogers about that single comma. Not enough attention to the details of punctuation may cost them a lot of money. (Via Neil Gaiman.)

05 August 2006

Shiny Airship Watch

If anyone should ever wish to spend a tidy sum on a watch for me, this is the one I'd like.

02 August 2006


I really need these.

Oh, and I need this to be released in North America.