30 April 2010

[BFG] Latest PSP Writing

Something bizarre is happening with my internet access. At first I thought it was just Firefox conflicting, for some unknown reason, with WordPress (which my work blog uses) so that whenever I tried to publish two posts in a row, the new one would copy over the old one, even though they had different file names. But then Safari did the same thing. In fact, it not only deleted the first post when I published the second, when I tried signing out and back to see if it would help, it deleted the second post as well. Eventually I got them both posted, but not until I wasted a lot of time. I'd assume it was a WordPress problem, but other sites have been loading with images in weird places, or hotlinks unlclickable, or assorted other weird things. Grrrr. I dumped the caches on both Firefox and Safari, to see if that might help, but I haven't seen any reports of similar things online. Tonight I think I'll shut down the Macbook instead of just putting it to sleep to see if it makes any difference.

Anyway, here are my most recent blatherings about the PSP:
So that's what I've been up to. next up for reviews is a not-quite-new release, Pangya Fantasy Golf and a PSP mini, Hysteria Project, plus I hope a first-impressions review based on the demo for Mod Nation Racers.

29 April 2010

Weekly Wishlist: Raygun Pendant

It's no secret that I love ray guns, and I thoroughly adore this pendant from Blue Bayer Designs on Etsy.

Blue Bayer Designs is one of those shops that I browse frequently, and from which I would love to buy numerous items. The crow and raven skulls in brass or silver are also on my "someday" wishlist. Also, Blue Bayer belongs to the Cabinet of Curiosities Etsy Team, which is something I aspire to. Once I've got the right items listed, that is (hint: things in jars black and white photos and book moth specimen shadow boxes, to start with).

You can read more about the artist in this Etsy featured seller interview.

And finally, apologies for not keeping up with the Weekly Wishlist posts if you were looking for them. It just felt like other peoples' art was taking over this blog, so I needed to take a break. Now, onward.

[BFG] Latest Submissions and Rejections

Writing-wise, I'm not getting a lot done lately. Other things, like print jobs and applying for actual regular work, have been taking up my time. But that's just an excuse. Mostly it's just that I need more time home by myself, which is when I get the most done. But the boy is still job hunting, and therefore not *at* a job, so I putter along with work writing and various other tasks.

Anyway. Here's the latest in submissions and rejections, by story title:
  • "Cobblehore Knit" - submitted to and rejected by Clarkesworld; not sure where I'll send it next
  • "Great Skerry" - rejected by Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show; haven't decided where to send it next; the problem with this story is that it probably needs "Hollow Bones" and possibly a story about what happened between to really mean anything to the reader
  • "Hollow Bones" - submitted to Strange Horizons
  • "The Promise of Roses" - rejected by Strange Horizons; I may send it to Fantasy magazine next, or wait for Cabinet des Fees' June 1 submission date
  • "Sharper and More Fragrant" - submitted to Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show
  • "Spinning" - rejected by Realms of Fantasy; submitted to and rejected by Fantasy magazine, but with a rejection asking for more stories (yay!); haven't decided where to send it next

So that's it for now. Except obviously I need to finish that novel . . .

13 April 2010

Many Little Books

I had several posts on process planned to write, but somehow never got to them. Possibly it was all the photos I'd have to deal with to do them right that I found daunting. More likely, I'm just lazy. There aren't really that many photos. Anyway, I'll get to them. One was going to be a start-to-finish of the airship drawing I was so recently twittering incessantly about.

But here's what I've been doing lately.

There are 20 tiny and 18 really tiny 4-hole stab-bound books in that photo. The squares on the cutting mat are 1/2 inch. These will become pendants and earrings. Possibly today.

And here we have a new product to test out at the Halifax Crafters Fair next weekend: wee little leather-covered pocket notebooks. 22 of them. So, if you recall I said I planned to attempt to bind at least 50 books this year. If each of these counts as 1, then I'm at 60 and have more than met my goal. On the other hand, if that really means 50 unique books, then I'm only at 2 (or maybe 3, if you count tiny and really tiny as unique) and I have a lot of work left to do . . .