30 April 2010

[BFG] Latest PSP Writing

Something bizarre is happening with my internet access. At first I thought it was just Firefox conflicting, for some unknown reason, with WordPress (which my work blog uses) so that whenever I tried to publish two posts in a row, the new one would copy over the old one, even though they had different file names. But then Safari did the same thing. In fact, it not only deleted the first post when I published the second, when I tried signing out and back to see if it would help, it deleted the second post as well. Eventually I got them both posted, but not until I wasted a lot of time. I'd assume it was a WordPress problem, but other sites have been loading with images in weird places, or hotlinks unlclickable, or assorted other weird things. Grrrr. I dumped the caches on both Firefox and Safari, to see if that might help, but I haven't seen any reports of similar things online. Tonight I think I'll shut down the Macbook instead of just putting it to sleep to see if it makes any difference.

Anyway, here are my most recent blatherings about the PSP:
So that's what I've been up to. next up for reviews is a not-quite-new release, Pangya Fantasy Golf and a PSP mini, Hysteria Project, plus I hope a first-impressions review based on the demo for Mod Nation Racers.

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