01 May 2010

[BFG] Free Comic Book Day Loot

I didn't make it in to Halifax for FCBD, but there are two hobby/games shops closer by in Truro that were participating. The Batter's Box Collectibles on Esplanade was my first stop. The store was full of gamers and they were doing Magic demos, but once I waded through all that there was a big table in the corner with all the free comics on it. They didn't seem to have a minimum, so I took one of each of anything that looked good. I mostly avoided the superhero books. I don't know why, but I've never really been big on superheroes. I started as an indy b&w fan in the . . . er . . . 80s (am I that old?), and though I've expanded my scope somewhat since then, I haven't expanded it quite that far.

After that, I swung by Game Zilla on Havelock St. I hadn't been in there before, so I had a look around before heading to the comics laid out on the counter. I didn't see anything I wanted that I hadn't already got, so it was on to get groceries after that.

So here's the final tally of comics I brought home (I suspect bigger stores might have had more selection, and possibly some of these might be last year's books), in no particular order:
  • Kid Houdini and the Silver-Dollar Misfits (Viper Comics) - also includes a 7-page teaser of The Sleepy Truth
  • Gekiga: A Drawn & Quarterly Sampler (Drawn & Quarterly) - includes excerpts from Red Colored Elegy and Good-Bye
  • Broken Trinity: Prelude (Top Cow) - Withcblade/Darkness/Angelus crossover and not my usual cup of tea, but I thought I'd give it a shot
  • Yow! Drawn & Quarterly Presents a "John Stanley Library" Grab-Bag (Drawn & Quarterly)
  • The Stranded/Dan Dare (Virgin Comics/SciFi)
  • Soleil (Marvel) - I've read so little from Marvel in the last zillion years that I almost didn't bother with this, but the range of art styles on the cover piqued my interest
  • The Sixth Gun (Oni Press) - I've had a Western craving start up lately and I think I might start watching some old weird west movies (and I'm gonna break down and buy Borderlands for PS3 soon)
  • Resurrection (Oni Press) - includes a 7-page Tek Jansen story
  • Doctor Solar/Magnus Robot Fighter (Dark Horse)
  • Fractured Fables (Image)
  • Mouse Guard/Fraggle Rock (Archaia) - this one has me most excited; I love the art in Mouse Guard, and though Fraggle Rock isn't my favorite, I am a Jim Henson fan
So yeah, that's what I got. I haven't bought many comics lately, since I'm broke and never seem to get by the comic store, so this is pretty cool. Sometime I'll sit down and see just how far behind I am on the various books I was reading, and how many TPBs I'll have to buy to catch up . . .

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