25 May 2010

[BFG] Dr Shallowgrave, Before the "Dr"

Writing again which is good. And it turns out the infamous Dr Sophia Shallowgrave, during her student days and thus before the "Dr" part, is a character. I hope she doesn't take over the novel like she tends to take over a conversation. This is Maring's story, and to a lesser extent Watcher's. But anyway, here's one of the things she said today:
I’ve already declared my advanced degrees to be in cryptobiology and alchemistry. Which sound like crackpot disciplines, but are actually more scientifically advanced than the stuff they call science in Europe or America. Really I was supposed to be looking for new species this trip. But there’s no reason I couldn’t do a monograph on a lost people, too.
So there's the possibility that I may have to actually write her monograph on the Hill People of Frisland. Shouldn't be too hard. I had to read enough of them in my anthropology student days.

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