13 May 2010

Sea Dragons

As promised, here are the finished sea dragon illustrations I've been working on. They're each 3.5 by 2.5 inches (that's trading card size), and first drawn in pen and ink (india ink with a Hunt 102 "crowquill" dip pen) then coloured with watercolours (Windsor & Newton solid and Pentel tubes--whichever is closer to hand, usually), on Canson Aquarelle cold press 140 lb watercolour paper (which is probably more than most of you wanted to know). If you missed the last two posts here, they both had in-progress shots of these and some other work.

Portrait of a Weedy Sea Dragon

Portrait of a Leafy Sea Dragon

Weedy Sea Dragon

Leafy Sea Dragon

These were done for a sea dragon themed challenge swap (the challenge being to try to draw/paint realistic sea dragons, which are complicated little fishes), and they'll be mailed off to the swap co-ordinator tomorrow. And yes, they were some of the ones I'm finding it very hard to part with, as I mentioned last post. I especially like the last two.

Tomorrow: flying fish!

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