21 May 2010

Some Mythic Progress

Well, I didn't finish the painting last night, as I had hoped. I got distracted by unpacking a couple of boxes I've been saving for months for just the right time. Apparently, last night while I should have been painting was the right time. I can't complain, though, as I now have two less boxes in my way. And my library/dining room looks a little like a natural history museum. I'll get some pics later.

Anyway. Progress. I did manage to get the first wash of colour on all the cards. This is not really how I usually work--more often I complete one then move on to the next, but for whatever reason, I started with some pale colour on all of them.

As you can perhaps see, I work light-to-dark on watercolours. I have begun to suspect this may be backwards. It would certainly be backwards if I was working in, say, graphite, and perhaps digitally, too. But this is how you sort of have to work in printmaking (especially if you are doing reductive prints), so that's kind of how my brain processes these days. Any painters reading this who have other ways of working?


Carol said...

Niko, you are so prolific and your work is really beautiful. Your flying fish, sea dragons, bees, are all wonderful. I may read your blog for the booky stuff but I love seeing your drawings and paintings too.

Tim Rast said...

Wow! These look great!

Niko said...

Thanks! You should see them finished. Not perfect, but I see definite improvement.