07 May 2010

Collaborative Book: Final Pages

OK, the pages are done. Six copies, all hand-drawn, hand-coloured and hand-lettered. Phew. First, the front page of the section:

I had originally planned to do the lettering in amber ink, to keep it nice and subtle, but when I was playing around with my pens, trying to decide which one to use, I discovered that some purple cartridges I bought mostly for the nice little tin they came in actually fit in one of my pens. It' a little darker than I had planned, but I love the colour (it's much lovelier in person than on the screen).

The centre spread has only about 1/4 of the text, leaving half the text for the last page, but I really wanted the tree to be the focus. I didn't have to include the text at all--I think some of my team members are and some are not--but I've always enjoyed the combination of text and image, so in it went.

Some of the text placement is less than ideal, but overall I think it's all right. Anyway, I'm pleased with the result.

Next up, I have a big pile of ATCs for swaps that I need to get done fairly quickly. I had intended to work on them this week, but they got pushed aside for the book project. Then, I have a couple of rather insistent illustration ideas in my head that will be really cool if they turn out half as well as they look in my imagination. Then on to more books probably. Also, I've got to get some actual images on my website so people can see all my work in one place, instead of scattered all over Etsy and ArtFire and deviantART and Zazzle and PrintFection. Oh, and I think I might have put some on Cafe Press too. I can't remember.


Carol said...

Niko, this has turned out beautifully - and at such speed. I'm impressed. I think I'm back blogging, and certainly avidly reading about 1000 posts to catch up on. Great to see what you've been working on.

Niko said...

Thanks! It's a good thing I didn't have any other pressing work or I'd never have finished them in time.

Good to see you're back blogging--I always enjoy your posts.