04 May 2010

More Collaborative Book Stuff

Yesterday I transferred the images for the other side of my book signature for the BEST collaborative book project. This one will be folded in the middle, so the right half will be the first page, coming before the tree spread I showed yesterday, and the left half will be the last page, coming after the tree. When I've got everything finished, I'll fold one and photograph it and post them how they'll look in the actual book.

So here's the sketch I started with:

Then I spent a really long time inking. For some reason, I had thought these pages would go much more quickly than the tree, but they actually took quite a bit longer. Anyway, here is what the inks look like:

Today, after we run into Truro to drop off a few more resumes (BillyZ's this time), and maybe find somewhere that sells masking fluid, I'll start on the colours. I hope they won't take too long, as I've also got to get in some writing (and the videogaming to write about). I plan to stick to fairly simple watercolour washes, so I think it should go quickly. Maybe I'll even get both sides done today (probably wishful thinking, but you never know).

Anyway, here's one last image, of the six pages and their much-traced-over sketch:


Useful Books said...

These are awesome! I'm in another group but I am already jealous of these pages. :) Great job!

Niko said...

I'm glad you like them! Next time I will definitely start sooner, so I have more time ;)