10 May 2010

On the Drawing Board

I've really been enjoying making ATCs for swaps, and I find it's especially good for motivating myself to make work. I love to draw, but without assignments or deadlines, it's hard to stay focused. And since I'm one of those anal people who will do something they've said they'll do, or feel extremely guilty for not doing it, signing up for swaps is the perfect way to make sure I'll get something done.

Here's what's on the go right now:

That's ATCs for 3 different swaps, because I somehow ended up signing up for a bunch that end very close together. The flying fish I need to get coloured and in the mail as soon as I can. I hope to mail them tomorrow. The sea dragons will need to go out by next week, and the bees aren't due until June 6, but they have a long way to go, so I'd like to get them out this week if I can.

That leaves a fairy tale swap and a Norse myth swap to finish next week, and yesterday I signed up for mushrooms and mythical beasts, one due mid-June and one mid-July. As long as I don't get behind, these will keep we working, but not insanely busy. That's the idea, anyway.

Now if only I could become disciplined about getting new comic pages drawn. Not that that many people read Fey, but the few that do may very well have given up on me by now.

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Carol said...

These are beautiful and I especially love the leafy sea dragons.