29 April 2010

Weekly Wishlist: Raygun Pendant

It's no secret that I love ray guns, and I thoroughly adore this pendant from Blue Bayer Designs on Etsy.

Blue Bayer Designs is one of those shops that I browse frequently, and from which I would love to buy numerous items. The crow and raven skulls in brass or silver are also on my "someday" wishlist. Also, Blue Bayer belongs to the Cabinet of Curiosities Etsy Team, which is something I aspire to. Once I've got the right items listed, that is (hint: things in jars black and white photos and book moth specimen shadow boxes, to start with).

You can read more about the artist in this Etsy featured seller interview.

And finally, apologies for not keeping up with the Weekly Wishlist posts if you were looking for them. It just felt like other peoples' art was taking over this blog, so I needed to take a break. Now, onward.

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