04 September 2009

Recent Writing

It looks like I got a bit behind with my writing updates. So here's what I've been up to for the past few weeks:

  • Leaf by Leaf: Hi, I'm Niko, and I'm a Bibliophile (HandmadeNews.org)

    This is the introductory article for my new column at Handmade News. In which I introduce myself and the column. Not much else to say about that. (Books and photo by Niko Silvester.)

  • Leaf by Leaf: Getting Started With Bookbinding (HandmadeNews.org)

    The second installment of my column addresses the difficulties for people wanting to start making books, when there aren't many resources around. I provide a few links to get people started, and suggest a simple pamphlet binding to start off with. (Pamphlets and photo by Hannah on ArtFire.)

  • Leaf by Leaf: It Starts With the Paper (HandmadeNews.org)

    This is the third article in my regular weekly column on books and paper. As you probably figured out from the title, it's about paper--how wonderfully inspiring it can be, how easy it is to buy too much just because it's nice, and how to choose paper for a project. (Handmade paper and photograph by paintingpam on ArtFire.)

  • Glorious Gemstones Word Find (HandmadeNews.org)

    This time, the word find was inspired by my rockhounding trip to Scots Bay (which you can read about in the archives. I included all the names of gemstones I could think of, and naturally thought of a whole bunch more really good ones after the puzzle was finished and submitted. I also made a quick little graphic to use with every word find. As you can see, it's not the height of design, but it'll serve its purpose until I can make or find something better.

  • Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II Review (About PSP)

    Niko tackles flying games. And despite the mediocrity of this game, I think I miht be hooked. Flying is fun! (Alas, no image for this one--I didn't even have screenshots to post with the review.)

I'm also working on some articles for Suite 101, but I'm trying to do a set of related articles and post them together. I really need to get going on that, though, as I'm several weeks behind.

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