12 February 2003

I think all I did today was shop. Comics first, of course. I spent too much money, of course. And I still didn't fill very many gaps in my collection (of course). But some coolness occurred. Just the other day I was wondering, "I wonder what happened to Paul Pope. I haven't seen anything by Paul Pope in ages." (Which may, of course, have something to do with the fact that I haven't been in a comic shop in ages.) So what did I find in the comic shop today? 100% by Paul Pope. Only issues 1 and 4 (of course), but I haven't quite exhausted the comic shopping possibilities in this town yet.

Then I got assorted issues of old favourites -- Poison Elves, A Distant Soil, Strangers in Paradise, Love and Rockets -- and a few new things (well, new to me at least). Vertigo's Fables looks interesting, and I found the first issue of 30 Days of Night, which I had heard was nearly impossible to find. Apparently not in Victoria. They had a stack of them, plus an equal number of issue three (and yet not a single copy of issue two). Strange.

But the really cool thing is a book called Nightmares & Fairy Tales. I found number four, and it's a self-contained story. A very beautiful and twisted version of Snow White. If you have any interest in comics, you really must read this.

After that, more shopping. Swooshy skirts and things (and books) from Value Village. Food from two different grocery stores. The usual things to keep one alive (not that I really need swooshy skirts to stay alive, but I gotta cover my lower half with something, and why not make that something swooshy and fun? Especially if it has those little tinkly, jingly things on the ends of the drawstring.) (I do believe I mentioned that I'm easily amused.)

But now I have to go write and draw and otherwise make my own comic book happen (more on that when there's something worth telling). Also, I might sleep. Or maybe just drink more tea.

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