12 April 2003

Well, here it is Saturday already. Where does the time go? (Lately I've been feeling like I'm stuck in the middle of a time-lapse movie, as the weeks go by at impossible speeds.)

The 24-hour comic is done. Woo hoo! Twenty-three hours and nineteen minutes and I could barely move my arm by the end. Sleep and tylenol cured all, though, and my wrist is hardly stiff at all now. It was a strange experience. I learned many things, such as:

  • loose inks over tight pencils look much better than any sort of inks over loose pencils (with my meagre drawing skill, anyway)
  • no matter how well you think you know a character, they can still surprise you
  • it is possible to draw for nearly 24 hours straight, even when you can't feel your fingers
  • satyrs don't wear pants (except occasionally as a joke)
  • faeries are obsessed with "boinking" (their word, not mine)
  • I really need to take some more life drawing classes
  • even really awful drawings can convey a surprising amount of emotion and character
  • it's really difficult to draw facial expressions on a character who looks like a rabbit
  • satyrs are fun to draw
  • satyr horns are fun to draw (though they go wonky sometimes)
  • if you hitchhike by the side of a major highway, carrying a sign that says "Faerie or bust," you just might get a ride from an elf on horseback

I'm sure there's more, but those are the things-learned that come to mind right now. I'm going to try to get the thing scanned this weekend (or maybe early next week) so you can see for your ownself.

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