12 January 2005


There's some great stuff on writing and getting published--from Neil Gaiman and Teresa Nielsen Hayden--over on Neil Gaiman's blog, including this:
writing about writing, or writing about publishing, is what wanna-be authors do when they've given up on writing, but don't yet want to admit it.
Ouch. But for the record, I haven't given up and don't intend to.


Rowena said...

Heh. That's not too bad... Writing about software products is what wanna-be journalists do when they've given up on the concept of an unbiased free press and their dream of educating the public.

Is it just me, or do most profesional writers fail at one type of writing and move on to another type of writing? You know, failed poets become journalists, failed journalists become technical writers, failed technical writers become authorts, failed authors become pundits, and so on?

Niko said...

Somebody should make a flow chart. Maybe it goes full circle.