01 March 2005

This is Cool (and Something Not So)

I was reading through my regular blogs this afternoon, and to my surprise found Anagram for Ink (which, in case you haven't a clue, you are reading right now) linked on The Johnny Bacardi Show sidebar. That's pretty cool. (It's in the "full-and-semi Comics Bloggers" section, waaay down near the bottom.) And, while there, I discovered the link to this story. A Firefly comic could be good, or it could be not good. I'll have to wait and see. And the movie's out in September! Yay. (Now if only I could get Fey linked in the Johnny Bacardi "Creators/Webcomics" section . . . ) (After it's moved to the new server and domain, preferably, as Geocities won't take much traffic.)

In not-so-cool news, I went to work on the annotated bibliography of fairy books I've been doing to lead up to a book proposal (ie. I'm gonna write one), and discovered I deleted it last week when I was madly deleting things to make enough room on the hard drive for Photoshop to consent to open. Crap! Fortunately, it won't be too hard to reconstruct, as I copied and pasted some of it from my thesis bibliography and from The Faery Bibliography, but I had added some recent books and written at least something for each book (much in need of editing, but still something). I was going to start typing/revising the summaries of the different book ideas I have, but when I discovered I'd deleted the bibliography, I suddenly felt very, very tired. Maybe I'll have a nap first. Bleah.


Johnny B said...

Thy wish is my command! :)

Niko said...

Eek! I didn't think you'd actually read that. Thanks!