06 August 2005

It's Really Real Now

Yes, I just went and booked my flight through Air Canada online. The good news is, it leaves Victoria in the afternoon, so there won't be a rush to get to the airport. The bad news is, it arrives in Halifax at 1:30 am.

Of course, there's still the small chance that Visa might decide to decline my card, due to me buying the tix online (like they did when I tried to buy my computer), even though no one but me could use the tickets anyway. We shall see. Now, it's back to mad packing, so everything is ready to be either stored or shipped to me or taken away to use my family and friends.

Edit to add: That is, the flight leaves the afternoon of August 25, and arrives the morning of August 26.


Rowena said...

Egads! It IS really real now.

I'm just looking at my dayplanner (which should be called a lifeplanner) and I'll be away the 19th to 24th. You wouldn't have time for a visit this Saturday? Or, if you want to do a trip to Vancouver, sometime Monday to Wednesday next week?

By the way, I'm going to give you your Christmas present now. I picked it up at the Saltspring Island Market and I think you could use it in Halifax.

Phew, I'm gettin' all choked up that you're leaving. I'm DEFINITELY going to have to head east for a visit!

Sue said...

Did you find your Aeroplan card? You want to be getting points for that trip.

Niko said...

Rowena: Yep, I can visit this Saturday. As for Vancouver, anytime is probably fine. I want to get into Victoria once more before I go, to hit the military surplus place, and I want to get up to Qualicum and Courtney to see the palaeontology museums (though that may have to wait until a future visit). Nothing's scheduled yet, though.

Sue: Found Aeroplan and plugged in the # when I booked. I don't think I'll get many points. I'm afraid I was cheap and got the least expensive seats.

Both of you: Must visit. That is all.