20 January 2006

Why I Love Value Village

(There's also a "Why I Hate Value Village" category that begins with insane pricing, but that's irrelevant for the moment.)

I love Value Village because you can still find very cool stuff there for relatively cheap (possibly that is especially so for the Atlantic provinces). Today, I found a Rolleiflex SL26 camera there. It's a "classic" camera from the late 60s/early 70s, made in Germany and sporting a Zeiss lens (Zeiss makes really good lenses for large format cameras). Anyway, they're not hugely expensive cameras these days, but they do cost more than the $25 I paid for mine. Now I just have to find some 126 film cartridges (I could swear I saw them at a Lawton's drug store a few months ago, but it might have been 110).

And I also found an old Nintendo NES game system. It's a bit cheesy, but how could I resist? It desperately needs cleaning, so I'll be off to WalMart for cleaning items (and junkfood for anime night). Woo hoo!

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J. said...

Hello. Can I just congratulate you on your amazing wrting talents and the excercises you offer. I am at a point at my life where I have to choose a career path to follow, and whereas creative writing has always been my talent, it just doesn't pay. It's people like you who inspire me. In my own fifteen years I've only been published once, however, I have now sent off three of my novels - under your tips for editing etc. One of them I only wrote at age 11!
Thankyou so, so much for helping and sharing your extradonairy talent with over-ambitious youngsters. I will continue to visit your blog and work-ings.