21 November 2006

Holiday Wishes and Travel

I figure it's probably about time I made my holiday wish list, in case, you know, people don't know what to get me. Of course, no one has to get me anything. I'm quite happy just having you all around in the world. These things here listed are not in any particular order, by the way.

Practical Things

Of course, in my world, most practical things are also fun, so don't worry about getting me something practical when you want me to have fun. These ideas are both.

  • art supplies -- I'm most focussed on book-making and printmaking right now (I have Intro Printmaking next semester), so things like paper, printing ink, bookbinding odds and ends, or gift certificates to art supply stores (Opus and Island Blue both have mail order, and of course there's Talas, but I don't know which if any of these do gift certificates) would be lovely.
  • books -- Specifically books on bookbinding and books on books. I'll try to add all the relevant ones to my Library Thing list so people can see what I've already got. And I'll try to get my wishlists updated, too, so people can see which ones are at the top of my list. Or there's always the gift certificate route. Amazon (either .ca or .com), Chapters, Powells -- they're all fine (Powells has more used/antiquarian).
  • light meter -- So I can figure out exposures for photography. I need something that has incident metering, but I think most of them do both incident and reflective these days. The ones we use at school are the Sekonic FlashMate or similar. I certainly don't need anything more complicated.
  • PlayStation 3 -- Yeah, okay, no one's going to get me one. I'd be surprised if anyone can even find one any time soon. But I'd like the 60GB version just in case someone has too much money lying around. And it's in the Practical list because I can use it for work as well as play (on account of it can interact with the PSP).

Purely Fun Things

  • books -- Yeah, books are fun. Niko likes books.
  • Nintendo Wii (the console formerly known as the Revolution) -- that's pronounced "wee" if you were wondering, and yes there have been many jokes. I want to play Legend of Zelda in the worst way. And the Wii is backwards compatible, so I could play GameCube games, too. Alternatively, a GameCube would be cool, and cheaper, but won't play the newest Nintendo games.
  • games -- EB Games certificates are good, or Futureshop, or you can get me the box set of all three Devil May Cry games. Or, if someone gets me a Wii or a PS3, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (or LoZ: Windwaker, which is GameCube, but Wii is backwards compatible) for Wii or Genji II for PS3. Also the Legend of Zelda game for DS if it comes out by xmas.
  • DVDs -- I still don't have any Angel past season one, or any Farscape besides a few odd discs from season one. I'd really, really like the new Doctor Whos, though. The ones with Christopher Eccleston as the ninth Doctor or David Tennant as the tenth Doctor (though the old ones are cool, too). Those classic versions of Frankenstein with Boris Karloff and Dracula with Bela Lugosi are tempting, too.

I'm sure there are other things which I have forgotten. Maybe even important things. So I will update this list if I think of anything else. Plus, there are always those cool unexpected things that I hadn't thought of but which are perfect. There always seem to be lots of those.

Oh yeah, and travel. I'll be arriving in the Nanaimo airport on December 13th after an obcenely long cross-country flying marathon, and will be leaving from the same airport on December 31st 29th. So if you're on Southern Vancouver Island, I might see you over the hols.


Dad said...

It's such a delight to see such an eclectic wish list. We will stick to the tried and true - money - and, if you really are going to be home for the Yuletide we would like to hand it to you personally.

Sue said...

Ummm, check your itinerary, you're heading back east on the 29th. PS - how up to date is your Amazon list? I've been shopping from it . . .

Niko said...

Oops. I'm heading back on the 29th, as Sue said. Hmm, I wonder why I thought it was the 31st?

Which Amazon list have you been looking at? I have one at .com and one at .ca. I think I've been pretty good about removing things I've bought or been given. I'll go look at them now . . .

Rowena said...

Oh, goody - you'll be in town over the holidays! Be sure to set aside at least an afternoon of tea and talk with your ole amigo Rowena!

Even better, I can give you your gifts in person! I have at least one breakable that I was worrying about.

Off to Cuba this afternoon - won't have email so "talk" to you when I get back on December 10th!

Niko said...

Cuba! Wow, you're just traveling all over, aren't you? (*envy, envy*)

Niko said...

Dad: yes, I am nothing if not eclectic. And yes, I really am going to be on VI, and will indeed see you in person. I'm both dismayed at how fast this semester is going, and looking forward to getting away from it.