24 May 2007

Damn, Now I Need to Go to Disneyland Again

Pirates. Nintendo DS. Free downloads. Sigh.


Dad said...

Got your last mail. Will reply in due course. Watch your mail box for bd thing.
As for pirates, why not go to Disney World? It's closer.

Niko said...

True, Disney World is closer (sometimes I forget that Florida is now only down, and not also across). Finding someone to go with might be harder, though.

Where I'd definitely have to go, if I were to go south, is DC. I'm dying to see the Smithsonian.

Dad said...

Of course, you've already seen a lot of it. I remember specifically you carefully reading all the interpretive labels in the Natural History Museum - and I think you were in Grade 2.

You'll definitely appreciate it more now.

Niko said...

Wow. I wish I could remember it better. I remember wanting to be a naturalist or some sort of biologist for the longest time.

I've also wanted to see the early flight displays again since I found out that the Wright flyer they have is the real thing, and not a replica.