29 June 2008

One Down

So I finished Codex yesterday, but discovered several more partially-read books on the shelves, identified by the slips of paper sticking up from between the pages to keep my place.

  • Gothic Illuminated Manuscripts by Emma Pirani: Lots of pictures and a fair amount of rather dry text. I'm going to tackle this one while I still have plenty of old-book enthusiasm from Codex (not that I ever really lack old-book enthusiasm).

  • Introduction to Bookbinding by Lionel S. Darley: Why, you might ask, am I reading an introduction to bookbinding when I've already read several and have progressed beyond the introductory stage in actual hands-on binding? Maybe because I'm a completist. Actually it's because everyone has their own way of doing things and I always like to see what other people recommend. I've learn a surprising amount by occasionally going back and looking at the basics from the point of view of someone I haven't read before.

  • Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte: My mother loves the Brontes. I loved Jane Eyre (different Bronte, but they always seemed more like a collective than individuals). I made it through a pretty good chunk of this before it started to get pretty tiresome. Now I'm trying to read a chapter now and then, except I keep losing the thread of the story. I should probably start over at the beginning. Oh well.

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