30 June 2009

SteamBook - The Quartermaster's Accountbook

The Quartermaster's Accountbook is the first in a series of pocket-sized blank notebooks inspired by Neo-Victorian Retrofuturism (aka Steampunk).

With one of our "SteamBook" notebooks and a fountain pen (or any other writing instrument you prefer), you'll always have a place to record your voyages extraordinaires, whether you travel by airship, locomotive or paddle steamer (or by Penny Farthing, though I wouldn't recommend pedaling and writing at the same time).

This 3 1/2 by 2 3/4 inch blank book has about 80 blank natural "parchment" bond paper pages and a suede leather cover made from recycled garments. The leather is lined with japanese kozuke paper for stability and laminated on the front and back with wood veneer. The closure is a lovely rusty old key, carefully sprayed with matte varnish to keep the rust from rubbing off. The binding is cross-structure and sewn with sturdy linen thread.

It's perfectly sized for your pocket and hand made to exacting specifications for durability and stylishness. Why use a cheap store-bought notebook that will fall apart the first time an air kraken attacks, when you can use the same make of notebook scribbled madly in by Mad Doctor Sophia Shallowgrave herself?

Available now at Etsy and ArtFire. More pictures on those sites and on deviantART.

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