29 July 2009

So Sleepy

I was going to post a bunch of pictures, but then I looked at the clock and discovered the reason my vision was getting blurry. I have someplace to be tomorrow and I haven't been sleeping well for a couple of weeks (boy on vacation + beer = boy snoring and flailing in sleep = girl not sleeping very well), so I really should get into bed. But before I go, here's a handsome fellow I ran into in front of Superstore this afternoon:

He's a little out of focus--it was really hard to see the screen on my phone in the miraculous bright sunlight we had today. Still, I was able to get nice and close thanks to the little built-in macro lens on my iPhone case. Woo hoo! I love gadgets.

Edit: Warning: If you click on the photo it goes giant-sized. That's what I get for assuming a cellphone photo would be small. Too sleepy to fix it now, but I'll take care of it tomorrow. In the morning, maybe. Good night. It's resized now, so click away.

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