28 August 2010

A Few New Books: Fans and Rayguns

I added a couple of things to the Etsy shops today, items I've been working on over the last little bit.

One is the first of a series of little raygun journals. You may recognize them as the monochrome spectrum books I posted a while back, only with monochrome paper rayguns on the covers.

The black one (way above) is now listed in my anagramforink Etsy shop, and the white one (above) will probably go up tomorrow. The actual spectrum of colours will follow soon after.

I've also got a handful of little greeting cards with the same motif, only in more colourful versions. I'll post more about those in a few days, once I get organized and get them posted for sale.

Second, I finished and posted a transforming book. Well, not really, but it works as both a blank journal and a fan. It arose from me complaining about the heat and BillyZ saying, in jest, that I should make myself a book-fan (or fan-book). So I did. The blue one (above) is now listed in my WhiteRavenArts Etsy shop. The red/gold one (below) will remain unlisted until I order some brass screw posts which I plan to do soon, as soon as I decide what else I can't live with from the same supplier.

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