06 May 2011

Morgan in Ferryland

Just a quick post to show you something I'm working on (I know, I still haven't posted the final sea things cards images). It's an image for the cover of my YA/middle grade novel The Coming of the Fairies (bonus points if you know where I swiped the title from).

(Even more bonus points if you know who was in the photo I used as a reference for Morgan). (Yet more if you know what camera that is.) Anyway, just inks so far. I drew it in pencil, then traced onto vellum to get a clean image, inked with technical pen and brush/india ink, then scanned and adjusted the levels. I still have a bit of touch-up to do on the linework, then I'll start colouring.

I plan to try digital colouring, but if it's a disaster, I'll re-draw on watercolour paper and go analogue.


Rowena said...

1. Ferryland, Newfoundland?
2. You? In a wig?
3. Brownie camera?

Niko said...

1. The title of the post, yes, the title of the book, no.
2. Nope, though I did use my own hand for a hand reference.
3. Nope, but very old Brownies do look similar. This one's a glass-plate camera (though I believe it can shoot sheet film with the right film holder).