07 August 2011

OsteoSophy Business/Care Cards

I can't seem to concentrate on words today (I suspect too much mucous and not enough sleep), so instead of finishing an article or documenting the adventures of Aeryn Daring and Huxley Grave, I'm working on some craft stuff. Specifically, my copper skull jewellery and the bits and pieces that go with it.

I want to include basic care information with each piece, so people will know what to do when their jewellery starts to tarnish and how to fix it, or even prevent it, and I'd like to have a business card for OsteoSophy, too. It seems to make sense to combine the two--business card design on one side, care info on the other. So I've come up with four different (some only slightly different) designs for the front. I may also include more contact info on the back. If I ever get part of my website set up for these, I'll change the URL on the front to that instead of the Etsy shop.

For the care info, I'll print it on "natural" parchment bond paper and laminate it to the white business card, so it will be a different paper on the back. (This could go awry terribly, but I have laminated different papers before, so it should be OK, unless the glue seeps through and makes the ink bleed, because I sadly don't own a dry mount press.)

Anyway, I'd love some feedback on these. Is there one that especially stands out?

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