19 October 2011

The Seasons Cards (All 4 This Time) Digital Proofs

I posted the finished version of the summer card a few posts ago, but here are all four designs in digital form (colours are not final--I generally mix them right before printing and tweak them as I go until they look right.

Spring: oak and hare

Summer: bamboo and fox

Autumn: maple and grouse

Winter: spruce and raven

As mentioned, summer (fox and bamboo) is printed. I have the plates made for winter (spruce and raven) and may start printing tomorrow before I teach, though my time will probably go mostly toward reprinting the winter holiday "Catching Snowflakes" fox card and the blue jay card, as they're my best sellers and the first colour on both is a soft black. As for spring (oak and hare) and autumn (maple and grouse), I've just sent the files to film, which (if I'm lucky) might come back tomorrow so I can make the plates. But we'll see.


island dreamer said...

i like! lemme know when they're ready.

Niko said...

The summer fox is done, the rest will be sometime this month . . . once I work out my schedule now that my pop-up book class was cancelled.