03 October 2013

Thanks and One More Original Art Piece for the Pay-What-You-Want Sale

So, thanks to the generous people who bought things from my pay-what-you-want sale (details here)! You guys are fantastic. The immediate oh-crap-ness has been remedied, but I'm going to keep the sale running a while longer because I know a few people were still making up their minds, and I still haven't  received that cheque for that big job that I was waiting for, so I'm not quite out of the woods yet (and then there's that tax bill, which I think I can pay in instalments...)

But I didn't start writing this post to whine, I did it to say thanks. A huge, huge thanks.

Once again: Thank you.

But also, there is one other thing, a bit of art I'd forgotten all about until I was flipping through my sketchbook just now: the original pen&ink and watercolour cover illustration for Reindeer Girl:

It's on acid free medium-weight sketchbook paper, and it measures about 9.5 inches wide by 14 inches high. I get nervous about selling original pieces (I'm both a huge packrat, and a worry-wart about what if I didn't scan it at a high enough resolution in case I need it later), so I don't do it often, but while I'm cleaning older work out of the house, I might as well add it to the pay-what-you-want sale.

So yeah. And apparently my next post will be my 1000th on this blog. That's a whole lot of babbling. I feel like I should probably make it something significant. I just can't think what. I know I need to do another writing update, but is that 1000th-post worthy?

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