21 November 2013

Fairy Books: Blue and Green

Two more miniature books from the recent batch. The reason I keep calling them fairy books is because I was asked to make miniature books that looked like they came from Fairyland. Because, of course, not all fairies are tiny.

When I was doing the covers on the two from yesterday, I cut flowers out from the same paper I used for the endsheets. I realized this would work with the book above, too. For the next one, though, a motif from the cover worked better for the spine, and then I let the patterned cover stand on its own.

When I made this one, I picked the endpapers first based mostly on the size of the pattern rather than on the colour. It proved difficult to find leather and cover paper to go with it. I like how the leather and the endpapers go together, and how the cover paper and the leather goes, but I'm not sure all three are the best match. If I had to change one, I'd change the endpapers, because I really like how the cover looks. I don't hate the endpapers, I just wish I'd chosen differently.

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