04 March 2004

Archaeological Bits and Pieces

Here are few things I bookmarked along the way to blog, and somehow never got to (so I no longer have any idea where I nicked the links from).

This story is about some very cool, very old artifacts found in the Yukon. The organic artifacts are especially important, as that kind of stuff just doesn't preserve well (especially in that environment).

It kind of bugs me how "they" always talk of people worshipping things, just because those things were important in a sacred context. I mean like the idea that the Celts worshipped trees. Do you suppose they really worshipped the trees? Do you think maybe the trees (or rather, groves) were actually symbols of the gods and spirits? Do Christians worship crucifixes and churches? (Well, maybe some of them do, but I don't think it's a good general statement.) Anyway, despite the "lion-worship" angle, this is a pretty cool story about Egyptian archaeology.

And here's a long article about crackpot archaeology in Australia, which I haven't had a chance to read all the way through yet, so I won't comment.

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