04 March 2004


The first draft of "Great Skerry" is finally done. Actually, it was done on the 17th of February, but I've been lazy about blogging lately (good thing I didn't make that New Year's resolution to blog every day). Today I'm working busily at draft two (which mostly means transcribing it from longhand in my notebook to a word processor on my computer, editing as I go). The real edits will happen once I print out a copy and go at it with a red pen.

And, even better, last night I stayed up too late finishing the first draft of "Raven's Wing" or "Ravenswing Woman" (which will probably be called neither when it's done). But is it really staying up too late when you get a story done? Maybe it's just late enough. I'm not entirely certain the draft really is done, because I wrote the beginning a long time ago, and it's not in my most recent writing notebook. So I have to find it and see how much is missing between what I wrote before and the many pages I wrote last night (cramping hand and sweat-slippery pen and all. I need to get a better writing pen).

Stay tuned for naked Aragorn. Gotta get him out of my brain soon.

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