05 April 2004


So I was getting all ready to submit a proposal and samples to Girlamatic. And then I checked today, and they've already found 11 new creators, so the open submissions are now closed. Sigh. I really wanted to see Fey there. But the news isn't all bad--it's still okay to send submissions, it's just that there won't be any openings until fall. Which is probably good, really. It means more time to get my stuff looking better (I didn't do very well in my first attempts to use Illustrator, and my results with Photoshop were less that ideal), and my proposal sounding better. And I'll probably (finally) invest in my own domain and more webspace/bandwidth than my current Geocities site can provide, and get some of my stuff up for people to read.

And, in case you're wondering, I'm having a strange and hectic and not really very nice week (er, couple of weeks), and I'm still sleepy, so I'm probably not terribly coherent. Or at all focussed. Or, probably, capable of spelling.

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