12 August 2004

(a little) Non-fiction Reading

When I look at that long list of comics I just wrote, I'm kind of embarrassed that my other reading has become so sparse. Mind you, half of the books in that list were read while I was reading the fiction/non-fiction in my last updates, since I updated those lists much more recently.

  1. Anime by Susan J. Napier. Er, yes. When I'm not indulging in my obsessions, I like to read about them. Thus I read books about books, books about the various things I collect, and books about . . . anime. This is an interesting look at some of the aspects of anime, including the depiction of the body (both in pornographic anime and in horror and SF anime), the role of women, the "elegiac" mode, and a bunch of other stuff. Those who can't stand scholarly writing won't want to read this, as it's definitely scholarly (will you think I'm weird if I admit that I like reading academic books, so long as they're about topics I'm interested in?) Anyway, there's lots of material to make one's brain function in here, plus I discovered some new moives I'll have to look for (and some I'll definitely avoid).

So I did go to the library, but I only got one non-fiction this time. Then it's back to those books on my shelf. I've got a great-looking one on handlettering, one on the evolution of birds, one on spaceflight, one on invasive species . . .

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