24 August 2004

Strange Animals: Fiction

I've been meaning to read more Terry Pratchett since my friend-from-grad-school Julia first gave me copies of a few of his Discworld books. They're very funny.

  1. The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett. Intelligent rats. An intelligent cat. A stupid-looking boy. The niece of two famous storytellers. A pied-piper scheme. Something Very Wrong. Er . . . I think this was building up to something. Anyway, those are things that are in this book, plus lots of very funny writing. Everyone should read this. Even if they hate fantasy. Even if they think no fantasy can ever be better than Harry Potter (maybe especially then). I was going to tell my nephew to read it, but then I though my recommendation might make him NOT read it. You can never tell with teenagers.

Now that copy of All Tomorrow's Parties waits.

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