20 December 2004

Movie Watching

At long last last, after months of saying "We should rent videos more often," Sue and I went to Rogers and rented a whole pile of DVDs. With Selena and I both there, we ended up with quite a few anime discs. Last night's movie was Hero. I really wanted to see it in the theatre, but somehow it never happened (one problem was, I think, that none of the nearby theatres showed it--or at least not for long enough that I was able to organize myself and go see it). Hero has to be one of the most beautiful films I've ever seen. The visuals are absolutely stunning. The story is good, too, of course, and the martial arts are very cool, but it's the visuals that will stick. This is one I'm going to have to own my own copy of (erg, that was an awkward sentence). If you've not seen it yet, do. It's amazing. Just don't expect a happy ending.

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