25 December 2004

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

And I'm the only one stirring. Darwin is flaked out on the floor, playing dog-rug, and Bast is a small, fuzzy ball on the couch. Even Usagi Inu-Yasha (that is, Inu-Yasha the Rabbit) is asleep on top of his nest box.

Between episodes of Blue Seed, an anime we rented in our last batch of movies, I'm getting a head start on the various holiday food I'm responsible for, and finishing up decorating the presents for Selena and Ryan ('Lena's is a little more complicated, involving scavenger hunt-ish clues). I am now getting close to being two pages behind where I want to be on Fey (which still leaves me six pages ahead of the current page, fortunately--or it would if PhotoShop would work like it's supposed to and not freeze so often).

Now back to cooking rice and decorating.

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