05 February 2005

Invisible Library

The Invisible Library is a collection of books that only appear in other books. Within the library's catalog you will find imaginary books, pseudobiblia, artifictions, fabled tomes, libris phantastica, and all manner of books unwritten, unread, unpublished, and unfound.
I love this. It makes me want to go through all my books and find more things for them to add. I know there are some in Charles deLint that they don't have listed.


Sue said...

That is too cool! They have entries for Lawrence Block's phony Sue Grafton books. Apparently the authors are friends so he doesn't get his ass kicked for mocking her titles.

Rowena said...

You really, really need to read Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell if you want a terrific example of an invisible library. Most titles are referenced in the footnotes, as in "A Complete Description of Dr Pale's fairy-servants, their Names, Histories, Characters and the Services they performed for Him by John Segundus, pub. by Thomas Burnham, Bookseller, Northampton, 1799" (p.9).

Niko said...

Oh yes, I really really want to read Jonathan Strange. And I realized the book I'm reading right now has some marvelous invisible books (and a Cemetery of Forgotten Books). The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. I got it at Superstore of all places. Very wonderful book.