12 April 2005

Cross Your Fingers

Or do whatever it is you do to attmpt to influence the workings of the universe.

Friday I mailed off my application and admissions essay (and application fee) to the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Yesterday I mailed my portfolio and arranged for transcripts from UofC, MUN and UVic. (Cost of one official transcript from UVic: $8. Cost of one official transcript from UofC: $4. Cost of one official transcript from MUN: $0.) Now I wait.

Sue seems to think I'll get in for sure, but I'm afraid I don't share her confidence. I look at the stuff I've done and see all the things wrong with it. Plus, I realized--after I mailed my portfolio--that I never did say anywhere that both the portfolio and the sketchbook were hand-bound by me. I suppose they might be able to figure it out (I did include photographs of one of my hand-bound books in the portfolio), but still. I meant to write it somewhere. And I worry that maybe I didn't put my name clearly enough on each piece (it says in the brochure to label everything clearly with your name), and that I maybe didn't put enough information on the labels. Not getting accepted won't kill me, but waiting to find out might.

Also, I've just emailed some preliminary bits of book proposal to a prospective non-fiction agent. I'm less nervous about that. It's a book I'll write anyway, eventually.

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