30 April 2005

Writing: White Foxes Back on Track (I Hope)

Suddenly faced with a rainy Saturday and nothing planned but to start playing Shivers 2: Harvest of Souls and watch an episode of MythBusters I taped last night (and not liking to play games or watch tv before evening), I decided to get back to some of my own writing. My REAL writing. A few weeks ago, I'd written what I thought was probably a chapter of White Foxes, Full Moon longhand in my notebook. A little while later I started typing it into Word, but didn't get very far. So today I've finished the second draft of chapter 16, and I'm about to sart chapter 17 (I have a little handwritten, but then it'll be all new from there). Yay! (Dance of happiness, etc.)
Word count, chapter 16: 2021
Word count, total so far: 43, 979

The total so far doesn't count a final chapter I wrote, but which will likely change by the time I catch up to it. Counting that, White Foxes, Full Moon is 46, 751 words so far. Now to take the dog out, and then venture into the murky past of one shapechanger named Watcher (of which past even he knows very little, though I suspect I'm about to make him remember a lot more).

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