16 July 2005

Fey Delay

Because I don't ever seem to be quite on top of things, there will be a slight delay in today's page of Fey. Never fear, you shall soon have the cover of part 3, as promised, just probably not today. If you are pining for a Fey fix immediately, you can go read Faerie or Bust, right here. (You can look at the cover if you want to, but it's not much). This was my 24-hour comic from a few years back. It's kind of . . . odd.

I spent most of the day getting ready for our garage sale this Saturday and Sunday (at my aunt's place on Sears Road in . . . er . . . Cobble Hill, I think). I can't imagine what state I'd be in if I hadn't already been mosty ready from last time. So I am sleepy and just want to sit and watch cartoons and eat ice cream and then go to bed and sleep deeply because I have to get up too early tomorrow. And the iron supplement that is supposed to make me less sleepy doesn't seem to be working. And, though the discs I burned from my old desktop machine read just fine in my Mac, I seem to have negected to save one thing I need, so I have to send it from my laptop, where it lives as a raw tiff scan, instead of a nice touched-up file I can just copy and paste onto my pretty image for the cover and I believe I have begun to babble. The short of it is, I can't face staring at a computer screen for even the short time it should take to put the cover together (plus the time it takes for me to navigate Photoshop Elements in the Classic Environment (aka System 9, which I have to use because my PE version is so old is doesn't run in OSX), and also I have to navigate System 9 itself, which is not so different from what I remember of System 7, but is not so elegant as OSX, and I am babbling again and this is not at all short). I have to go before the nearly non-functional "l" key on this laptop causes me to throw the machine out the window, which would be okay except I need this machine for working in the time between leaving here and getting internet acess (not to mention a place to live) in Haifax. Can you see my brain dissolving through cyberspace? Urgh.

Really long story short this time, I will do my best to have Fey cover 3 done tomorrow, though I may be dead after garage sale, day 1 (this time around). Going now.


Rowena said...

What, you mean you're at a garage sale instead of tucked into a chair at home reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?!?! Are you nuts?

Did you call Helena's landlord about places that he has to rent? She said he owned half of Halifax's rental apartments and houses. He might still have the cool storefront place that she loved...

Niko said...

Hey, I made enough money today to buy multiple copies of the new HP. I didn't get a chance to stop anywhere to pick it up, but I might tomorrow (though this will interfere somewhat with my plans to actually read all the library books I signed out before I have to return them).

Landlord has been contacted, and will call me again at the beginning of August when he knows for sure what will be vacant in September. I'm kind of hoping that the store will be vacant. ;) He said he knew he'd have something, but was not exactly sure what. I said as small and cheap as possible. He did seem pleased when I said I'd be in Halifax for at least the four years of the program, and quite possibly longer. Keeping fingers crossed.