25 July 2005

Sad Things

This is the last night my big, silly dogboy Darwin will spend at my house. Tomorrow, he's off to his new home with Heather and Badger-who-used-to-be-Viktor. I shall be very sad, but it would have been unfair to drag big D across the country to live in a tiny downtown apartment with no company but the scary, scary cat for many hours a day. I might cry. There will be ice cream after, and probably books (we're going to Hillside mall after, since we'll be downisland anyway, and I know no better way to drown my sorrows than looking at books, except maybe buying books then spending absurd amounts of time reading them while eating ice cream) (chocolate ice cream, or maybe peanut butter cup ice cream). So.


Rowena said...

Mr. D's leaving so early!! I thought he was going to stay with Sue and Selena and Cuinn? Though, I guess with her work she won't have much time for Cuinn, let alone another love-hungry, "Must pee now!" beast like Darwin.

I'm gonna miss giving him all-over body rubs and getting covered in dandruff. I'm also gonna miss his clinginess - he could not let anyone move into another room without him. Cute.

Niko said...

Originally, he was going to stay with Sue, et al, but she's got two dogs now, so it woud be a little . . . cozy. Plus, Heather recently lost her other dog, and Badger doesn't do so well on his own, so it seemed like the perfect fit.

It's very weird not having him here. I keep being surprised to turn around and find the room empty.