18 April 2006

Road Trip!

Yes, I finally got outside the city! This past Friday, Judy, Randy, Deva, Ryan and I all piled in Judy & Randy's car and off we went. Inlandish, though I'm not entirely sure where we went (I think I could find it on a map, if I could find a map). Anyway, it was lovely, even though the weather was damp, and there was a river and many trees, and birds (a pheasant, even). Of course I took lots of pictures, mostly with my digital camera, since I'd forgotten to buy colour film.

Everyone at the park entrance:

Pretty green lichen on a tree:

Tree and river:

Next time, Judy says we will head for a beach.


Dad said...

On your next "road trip" head towards Peggy's Cove - terribly touristy but lots of photo ops or, check out "The Dingle". It's not out of town but it is , or was when last seen 30 years ago, quite pretty.

Niko said...

I think the Dingle may actually be in walking distance from here (a goodly walk, maybe). The weather's turned dull and windy, now, though.