30 April 2006

More PSP Stuff

For anyone keeping track, I recently picked up Medievil Resurrection and PQ PSP games.

Also, here's a PSP on eBay with version 1.5 firmware (and a 2GB memory stick). You know, in case anyone wanted to get me a second PSP for my birthday. Because it would be very useful for work. And I'm going to have to buy one myself soon (and this is exactly what I need). Anyway. Birthday in a month plus a few days. Hint. Etc.

Edit: Ack! Someone used "buy it now" already and the auction's ended. But here's a firmware 1.5 machine in the UK (the Japanese version), and another. Plus, here's another in the US, and one and two in Canada. But best yet, here's a ceramic white Japanese machine from the UK. Any of these would work, but I like the white one best (probably because my current one is black . . .)

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