02 May 2006

T Minus One Month . . .

So, the date is May 2, meaning it is one month until my very own birthday. And speaking of birthdays, could everyone I know who wants me to remember their birthday please post a comment with the date of their birth in it. The reason I'm asking is not because I have forgotten when everyone I know is born, but because the big birthday summer season is fast approaching, and their are a couple of birthdays that I'm always convinced are a few days before or after their actual date. Now previously I have lived close to people and there were enough reminders that by the time the date arrived, i had it straight. But now, living far away from the bulk of my friends and relatives, and having packed the little book I started keeping with all the days noted somewhere in a box . . . Well, I think you can see where this is headed.

No, I'm not going to list the ones I always get right, because that would just make the owners of the ones I always get wrong feel bad. So there you go. Please comment with your birthday (and, you know, your name) and also the birthdays of anyone you can think of who isn't likely to read and/or comment on this blog.


So I spent much of this morning trying to get a decent picture of me to submit for my Guide photo at work. I finally got one I'm happy with and sent it off. My favorite, though, wasn't quite suitable (having part of my hand over my face), so I decided to make it my new profile photo. Here it is, bigger (yes, I did just re-green my hair):

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Sue said...

Okay, here you go:
Me 3 July
Ry 8 July
'lenes 23 Jun
Gma Staniforth 4 July

Those are all I can think of right now for immediate family . . .

Nice pic btw.